New York Jets: 3-4 Or 4-3, Either Muhammad Wilkerson Or Sheldon Richardson Has To Go

The Personnel Just Doesn’t Work

The recent signings of Jarvis Jenkins and Steve McLendon were two of the nicest under-the-radar snags of the offseason up to this point.

While some assumed McLendon would be Damon Harrison‘s replacement at nose tackle, the fact that he weighs only 310 lbs. doesn’t fully back up that argument.

A nose tackle in a pure 3-4 scheme needs to be not just a heavy, he needs to be one serious man. McLendon just isn’t big enough. Jarvis Jenkins, the other newly acquired defensive lineman is almost identical at 309 lbs.

This leads to the assumption that Bowles will run more of a 4-3.

That’s fantastic, but still doesn’t solve the plethora of talent the Jets have at the 3-4 DE spot.

Even in a four down lineman look, one of the three (Mo, Sheldon, Leonard) has to line up on the edge. This doesn’t work in a perfect world.

Last season Wilkerson was the man who oftentimes took the edge chore, but coming in at 315 lbs., you’d much rather stay away from it. His quickness for such a big man when lined up in the interior of the trenches makes it much more of a favorable spot for he and the Jets.

Big Mo should be out-quicking offensive guards, not out-powering offensive tackles.