Kyle Okposo Will Not Be an Islander Next Year

Of all the things to be gleaned from Monday’s deadline, first and foremost is that barring some kind of substantial hometown discount, Kyle Okposo will not be suiting up for the New York Islanders next season. It has been oft-reported this year that Okposo is seeking a contract in the ballpark of at least $7 million per year, a price that according to reports, the Islanders are unwilling to pay.

If that is the case, then the Islanders will most likely approach Okposo’s UFA status as a win win for them this upcoming summer. On the one hand, if Okposo does decide to take a slight discount to remain with only team he has known in his professional career, then it would behoove Snow to bring him back into the fold. But if Okposo does decide there are greener pastures, then that is a $7 million buffer the team can spend on players in his place.

Jeff Clutterbuck resides just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but has inherited a passionate fandom for the New York Yankees and New York Islanders from the Long Island-based side of the family. Jeff has been a long time member of the music review site The Daily Vault, but recently decided to experiment with sports writing, and express all of the frustrations and joy of being a New York sports fan!