Garth Snow Does Not Believe This Team Can Win It All

The Capitals are clearly head and shoulders above the rest of the Eastern Conference, as Tampa Bay and the Rangers remain in the mix as well. The Isles face long odds in running that particular gauntlet, and from Garth Snow’s perspective, why sacrifice future potential and resources for a team that is more than just “a player” away from contending status.

Acquiring Shane Price from the Senators is a depth move, one that doesn’t radically affect the playoff picture for the Islanders. And let’s not forget that Jack Capuano has yet to demonstrably prove he is capable of taking this roster, as currently constructed, to long term success. All of these factors thrown together have to had grounded the deadline strategy for Snow.

Jeff Clutterbuck resides just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but has inherited a passionate fandom for the New York Yankees and New York Islanders from the Long Island-based side of the family. Jeff has been a long time member of the music review site The Daily Vault, but recently decided to experiment with sports writing, and express all of the frustrations and joy of being a New York sports fan!