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New York Giants Draft: 5 Potential Odell Beckham Jr. Complements

Tyler Boyd, Pittsburgh

Boyd is arguably the most versatile player–let alone receiver–in the entire draft. Opposing defenses knew Pitt’s offense revolved around getting Boyd touches, and he still was a model of productivity.

Whether it was lining up outside, in the slot, at running back, or on special teams, the Panthers understood the value of getting number 23 the football.

Similar to Beckham, Boyd gets moved all around the field. Pitt’s pro style offense should also allow him to make a much smoother transition to the NFL than the aforementioned Coleman and Doctson. He’s a dynamic route runner, best used in short to medium routes. Whether it was a screen, slant, cross, or go route, there wasn’t much Pitt didn’t involve Boyd in.

He does come with some concerns, though. He’s deceptively quick but won’t have as much ease escaping defenders at the pro level. While he’s not afraid to make catches in traffic, he lacks the explosiveness to gain separation on deep balls. A DUI charge from the summer of 2015 will make GM’s wary of his off the field history.

Bottom line: Boyd’s versatility makes him a great get for whichever team drafts him. His ability to work anywhere on the field (even quarterback), strong hands, and polished route running make for an ideal prospect. His off the field issues could hurt his draft stock, but the good outweighs the bad here. Keep an eye on his 40 time, which may be the difference between being a top 20 or top 80 draft pick. Compared to a pro? Think Randall Cobb with better hands but less speed. 

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