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New York Rangers: Top Five Leaders In Team History

4. Forward Adam Graves

Adam Graves is one of the all-time greatest New York Rangers to have worn the sweater. There was something about his play that made him a guy you loved to have on your team, and hated him because he wasn’t.

He was a second round selection in the 1986 draft, going to Detroit, selected 22nd overall. I bet they really regret that trade to Edmonton in 1989.

The Rangers signed Graves as a free agent on September 3rd, 1991. It was in New York that Graves would be reunited with former teammate Mark Messier during his Edmonton days.

Now, from watching Graves play, it seemed that there was nothing he couldn’t do. He could fight, he could hit, and he could score. That is an NHL coach’s dream player, one who could do a little bit of everything, and do it well. Thankfully, the Blueshirts put him to good work in New York.

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While spending 10 years with the Rangers Graves put up great offensive numbers: 280 goals and 227 assists. He amassed over 800 penalty minutes as well.

But, it was never just about hockey for “Gravey” as they called him. Graves was really all about the kids with the Garden of Dreams foundation. He was always helping them out and giving back to the community, as he still does to this day.

Graves’ No. 9 resides in the rafters at the Garden, as no other player will ever wear that number again.

His actions both on and off the ice are what made Adam Graves one of the all-time great leaders in New York Rangers’ history and places him 4th on our list.

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