New York Jets: Dream First Round Draft Picks


Although the New York Jets disappointedly failed to make the playoffs in 2015, the NFL Draft gives them an opportunity for redemption.

By Jeremy Fialkow

New York Jets fans everywhere were left heavily distraught after watching the Denver Broncos roll through the AFC on their way to a Super Bowl win.

Finishing the season with a 10-6 record, a historic campaign from their journeyman quarterback, and the best receiver tandem in the NFL, many believed Gang Green to be destined for a playoff run.

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Instead, Jets players went home after Week 17 and watched their enemies battle it out on their televisions, beginning a heartbreakingly early offseason. Since Jets Nation has seemingly infinite time on its hands, it’s never too early to take a look at how they can improve upon a successful 2015 campaign.

Yes, the 2016 NFL Draft is more than two months away, so, a lot can change. A fan can dream, though, right? Without further ado, here are your best bets for the New York Jets 1st-Round selection in this year’s draft.


  1. Mr. Fialkow’s bold suggestions are bolstered by his impressively smooth diction and rhetoric. Unlike other, often didactic, suggestions regarding the Jets’ future, Jeremy gives a vibrant description of the Jets’ pseudo “state of the Union.” His daring stance to take a chance on Ezekiel Elliott and his optimism for the future of the Jets’ previously atrocious pass rush is inspiring to me, as a devout Jets’ fan. Simply put: Jeremy Fialkow knocks this one out of the park, and his sentiments should be at the forefront of Rex Ryan’s mind come draft day.