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New York Rangers: Top Five Leaders In Team History

5. Goaltender Henrik Lundqvist

This choice was not a hard one, at all. If you have been a Rangers fan for the last 10 years, you understand what exactly Henrik Lundqvist means to this team.

A leader is not always the captain of the team, and is not always the one who scores all the goals. Lundqvist is easily a leader for the New York Rangers.

While being drafted in the seventh round probably does not make you feel so well, that is where Lundqvist went, 205th overall. Most seventh rounders never play a professional game, but he has been in 668 of them, all in New York.

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The Rangers found themselves with a goldmine on their hands as Lundqvist won at least 30 games for the first seven seasons with the Blueshirts, and has maintained that record to this date (excluding a lock-out shortened 2012-13 season).

If that stat is not impressive enough, Lundqvist has broken all time New York Rangers records set by goalies like Ed Giacomin and Mike Richter. Records such as most New York Rangers’ wins, shutouts, playoff wins, consecutive Game 7 wins, and is the only NHL goaltender to have at least 30 wins in each of his first seven seasons. You could add a Vezina trophy to the list as well.

If you put Lundqivst’s impressive numbers aside, he also works closely with the Garden of Dreams foundation. Lundqvist makes kid’s dreams come true all the time.

Folks, if Lundqvist does not scream what a leader means, then what does? Hank ranks fifth on our list.

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