New York Mets

Former New York Mets lefthander Jon Niese felt it was necessary to express his displeasures with his old ball club yet again. 

This isn’t the first time former Met Jonathan Niese has stated some of the things he didn’t like about his time in New York, and it probably won’t be the last, either.

During Pirates camp, Niese told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,

I’m actually kind of relieved I’m not going to be a part of that. I was never a fan of the six-man rotation. You just never really got into a groove or a nice routine. & They think the longer you go without throwing, the more rest you’ll get and the better you’ll feel. For me, that really wasn’t the case

Niese’s comments seem fairly harmless on the surface, but this is the third time he’s publicly expressed something he didn’t like about his tenure in Queens. It’s the indirectness that’s consistent, too. After he was traded, he took a shot at the Mets’ defense and the feeling of being wanted.

Maybe he’s been through some bad breakups before, because he certainly doesn’t seem like he’s over this one.


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