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New York Rangers: Can This Team Make A Deep Playoff Run?

The Chris Kreider/Kevin Hayes Problem

Listen, I have given both of these players a hard time, especially Kevin Hayes.

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These players deserve to be criticized because if the Rangers are going to make a run in the spring, these two players need to produce.

Chris Kreider is on his way.

He is going to net more, taking shots rather than passing, and is using his physicality to gain possession of the puck. That is the Kreider the Rangers need in the playoffs. If he keeps up this play the production will continue.

Kevin Hayes has scored some goals lately, but I’m still not convinced he is back to his 2014-2015 self.

That Kevin Hayes would use his physicality to score goals. Efforts like what we witnessed in this Rangers/Islander game have been almost non-existent this year.

Hayes has amazing hands, but more often than not he holds onto the puck way too long which results in a turnover. His shot doesn’t seem to be what it was last year, most likely due to the fact that he just isn’t shooting enough.

These two players need to be serviceable if the Rangers are to go deep in April and May.

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