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The New York Rangers lost to the Islanders by a score of 3-1 on Thursday night. This letter is addressed to Mr. Kevin Hayes, and is far overdue.

By Chris Wengert

New York Rangers fans thought they were getting a great player in Kevin Hayes, and for a while he was.

Hayes played exceptionally well his rookie year and was an integral part of the Rangers’ success.

But that version of Kevin Hayes is long gone, and it’s about time we address a few issues to Mr. Hayes directly.

Dear Kevin Hayes,

Rangers fans would like to thank you.

They want to thank you for picking their beloved organization as your destination, but not before parading around various NHL teams like you were the second coming of Wayne Gretzky.

Fans would like to thank you for the tricking them into believing that you were the real deal, and that you would make a difference day in and day out.

Thank you Mr. Hayes for wasting one of Henrik Lundqvist‘s strongest games of the year. It was a game where Lundqvist once again looked like THE King of New York.

Kevin Hayes, you tricked us into believing that you would make plays like this on a consistent basis:

Instead what Rangers fans have witnessed this season are lame efforts, bad plays, and an overall lack of heart.

Many hockey players had the privilege of wearing the New York Rangers sweater. And while Rangers fans can be a tough and critical bunch, they will always give praise for players that perform with heart.

With the effort you have given this season Mr. Hayes, you do not deserve to wear the Broadway Blue.

Mistakes can be forgiven, but a lack of effort and heart cannot.

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Dan Girardi hasn’t had a great year and that may be putting it lightly. But not one Rangers fan will ever question his heart or effort.

Girardi would lay in front of a Mack truck if it would help his team win.

Mr. Hayes, you often skate as if you are at a Friday night pick up game.

You see Kevin, the Rangers-Islander rivalry is kind of a big deal to Blueshirt fans. So when you make terrible plays that cost the New York Rangers and their fans the game, they might be upset.

Let me rephrase. When you give the other team the puck not once but twice in a given play and the direct result is a goal, Rangers fans will be REALLY upset.

And how do you follow up that play Kevin Hayes? By slapping your stick on the ice like a petulant child.

We’re not making this up Kevin. Your own head coach called you out for the lack of effort.

Alain Vigneault is not the type of coach that publicly chastises players on the regular, but you brought him to his boiling point.

You’re not the only one Kevin. We have given Chris Kreider his fair share of criticism, but he has answered with hard working shifts and strong fore checks.

While Kreider is still not the player he needs to be, he’s showing the effort.

So what is it going to be Mr. Hayes?

Are you going to continue to wallow in your self pity or are you going to make the Rangers fan base proud by giving your very best every night?

So once again, we thank you Kevin Hayes.

Thanks for nothing.

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