Bench Warmers

Andrea Bargnani

Bargnani is one of the worst rotation players in the NBA. The former No. 1 pick isn’t just an inefficient player, he’s a joke. He has gone from hopeful stretch-four to averaging less than one attempt from downtown per game. His minutes have decreased as his defense is killing the Nets.

Grade: F

Donald Sloan

Since Jarrett Jack’s season-ending injury on Jan. 3, Sloan’s minutes have drastically increased to 25.5 per game. With that, so has his production, 7.95 points and 4.8 assists shooting 44.75 from the field and 44.65 percent from three-point range. Brooklyn has made him the primary point guard, and given him a chance likely for the rest of the season, but he hasn’t played enough to give him a grade on this season so far.

Grade: N/A

Markel Brown

Like Sloan, Markel Brown has not played enough to get a full grade on this season although he’s looked impressive recently. He’s averaging 9.7 points on 62.1 percent from the field and 64.3 percent from three-point range over his last six games, showing potential that Nets’ fans have been hoping for.

Grade: N/A