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New York Jets: Predicting Mike Maccagnan’s First Five Moves Of The Off-Season

5. Re-structure David Harris‘ contract

Following D’Brick’s re-structure, expect Maccagnan to re-work the deal he gave David Harris last summer to free up some more cap space for priority free agents.

Even Harris must have known when Maccagnan gave him–a slow, 32-year-old linebacker–a 3-year/$21.5 million contract he was getting overpaid. The good news and bad news in Harris’ case is that $15 million of his $21.5 million is fully guaranteed, meaning that a.) New York should have no problem convincing him to take a lower salary for the upcoming season and b.) they still owe him at least $15 million over the next three seasons.

Like Ferguson, Harris was drafted by New York. He’s spent each one of his nine seasons in New York, and he’s one of the leaders on this team. He’s well aware of his team’s cap situation and well aware that there are key players who are on the verge of leaving New York to chase the money elsewhere (Harrison, Ivory/Powell).

With D’Brick’s re-structure, Cromartie and Giacomini’s release, and a pay cut in the $4 million-range for Harris, New York would have approximately $24.6 million in additional cap space–more than enough cap space to give Damon Harrison the deal he’s looking for, as well as locking up Ryan Fitzpatrick and one of Chris Ivory or Bilal Powell for another few years.

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