New York Mets

If the New York Mets can show Matt Harvey the money, he might not run across town to the Yankees like you’ve been thinking all along.

By Gregg Cambareri

Matt Harvey is saying and doing all the right things at the moment.

Sort of.

He arrived early to the Mets spring training complex in Port St. Lucie on Monday. Imagine the media frenzy if he had shown up a few days late; he would have been harshly criticized after last season’s innings limit fiasco and missing a mandatory workout right before the postseason started.

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While tardiness and innings limits aren’t likely to be issues anytime soon, his contract situation is going to be a hot topic until it expires in 2018.

Harvey spoke with reporters on Monday stating, “I’ve never shied away from it. I’ve never said I wouldn’t consider it, but I haven’t heard anything considering that,’’ in regards to a possible long term extension.

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

Mets fans, don’t get too excited. It’s not like Harvey said, “I’m enjoying being a New York Met and hopefully we’ll have a long term deal squared away some time soon.”

What he’s really saying is, “When I ask for 30+ million per season, you better hope Mr. Wilpon has enough saved in his piggy bank or I’m wearing pinstripes.”

It’s no secret that Harvey, who grew up in Connecticut, rooted for the Yankees growing up. We can’t be sure if the Mets will be willing to meet his asking price. We can’t be sure if Harvey gets traded to a team that can give him the mammoth deal he’ll likely command. Offseason trade rumors with the Red Sox have already been floated around, and only sure to intensify with each passing winter.

What we do know is that Matt Harvey will be taking the ball April 3rd in Kansas City. There will only be one thing on his mind that night, and it won’t be money: revenge.

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