3. Clear up some cap space

What many people don’t know is that wide receiver Victor Cruz will turn 30 this year. While the Salsa-dancing, big-playmaking receiver was one of the most exciting (and effective) ball catchers in the league, he has been injured for much of the last two seasons and wasn’t a game changer in 2013 and 2014 like he was in his rookie campaign.

While I’m sure Reese would love to keep him on his team, I’m not sure that he can afford another injury or average performance.

While linebacker Jon Beason tremendously boosted a depleted linebacking unit when he arrived in New York in 2014, he isn’t half the player he used to be, and spent most of this season on the IR.

Cutting Beason would save the team roughly $5.1 million on the cap. Money Reese can use on another (more effective) middle linebacker.

The most obvious decision that Reese could make would be parting ways with tackle Marshall Newhouse. The veteran offensive tackle, who was inked to an affordable contract before the season, turned out to be a disastrous signing.

If the NFL increases to a $152,000,000 cap, the Giants will have roughly $50M in cap space. That’s a lot of money, but it could be more.

Three unimportant (or two, at least) components of the team are receiving more than a combined $18M. If the Giants buy these three guys out, they’ll open up $12,500,000 in cap space, and will have $62,640,000 in cap space.

Approximate Cap space: $62,640,000