A Complete Lack Of Confidence- Legitimate Problem

The Rangers are experiencing a bad stretch of hockey that only the 1998-2004 Ranger teams could sympathize with.

For a team that is used to making deep playoff runs, losing consistently can shatter confidence.

Seth Rothman, columnist for Insidehockey.com aired his concerns after the most recent loss to the Florida Panthers:

This level of adversity has the Rangers floating in uncharted waters.

Look no further than Tiger Woods to see how a lack of confidence can effect an athlete’s performance.

Tiger was commonly mentioned in the same breath as golf great Jack Nicklaus, and it was almost a given that Tiger was going to break Nicklaus’ record of 18 Major Titles.

But, Tiger Woods became a completely different player after his scandalous affairs came to light. His biggest attribute, confidence, was now gone and his play still hasn’t resurfaced.

The Rangers need to overcome adversity and string wins together, if they want to regain their confidence. That is a must come playoff time.

No matter what the excuses or problems are, the New York Rangers need to correct them, and fast. Everyone around them are getting better.

What are your thoughts? What are the excuses and real problems surrounding the New York Rangers?

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