Physical Fatigue- Excuse

This has been a common excuse. “The Rangers have just played too much hockey over the past few seasons and they are exhausted.”

While mental fatigue will be discussed later, I’m not willing to buy that the Rangers are physically tired.

Look no further than the Los Angeles Kings. The Kings made it to the playoffs five times from 2009-2014, and won the Stanley Cup twice in that five year span.

That is a lot of hockey too.

You could also take a look at the Chicago Blackhawks who made it to the playoffs eight times from 2008-2015.

Not only did they win the ultimate prize THREE TIMES in that span, but also made it to the Conference Finals two of the eight years.

That is much more hockey than the New York Rangers have played recently.

The Kings and Hawks currently sit at first and second place in their divisions, respectively.

Do you think Jonathan Toews and Dustin Brown are tired?

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