New York Jets

Just when it couldn’t get worse for the New York Jets, Donald Trump took shots at owner Woody Johnson. 

It’s just not fun to be associated with the New York Jets right now.

Whether you’re a fan, player, or in this case, the owner, grieving over Sunday’s defeat, it just got worse. Now, even Donald Trump is taking shots at owner Woody Johnson.

Similar to the Jets’ playoff campaign, Jeb’s presidential campaign isn’t going so well, either. Fittingly, one of the most polarizing political figures in current society had to offer his opinion.

Obviously, Mr. Trump doesn’t hold back regarding who, or what he’s talking about. Taking a shot at Jeb Bush is not a surprise, but dragging the Jets into it only pours more salt in the wound.

The news regarding star defensive lineman Muhammed Wilkerson’s broken leg after Sunday’s loss truly did add injury to insult. Combine that with falling at the hands of Rex Ryan, and being jabbed at by Donald Trump, and it’s a sad, sad, time to be a Jets fan.

Only the Jets could be completely deflated after a 10-6 season.

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