Michael Conforto Will Develop As An All-Star

One of the best stories in 2015 happened when the Mets brought up young Michael Conforto from the minor leagues. Conforto came into his own, providing offense with some power and playing better defense in the outfield than expected.

Most importantly, he provided a fresh presence for the future of this franchise. Conforto will be the full time left fielder and is expected to take another step up and hopefully be an All-Star caliber player.

Juan Lagares Will Improve

Juan Lagares took a step back in 2015. He couldn’t hit righties and even his defense struggled at times, particularly his throwing. A lot of that may have been with his elbow issues. With Cespedes out and the Mets not finding a suitable replacement for him, Juan should get more starts at center, platooning with newly acquired Alejandro DeAza.

Lagares is still a Gold Glove caliber outfielder who can catch with the best of them. If he can ever improve his offense and hit right handed pitching more consistently, the Mets will miss Cespedes less.

Curtis Granderson Will Repeat Solid Season

The Mets offensive MVP was clearly Granderson as he was the most consistent player in the Mets lineup. Thrust into the leadoff spot, Granderson made the most out of it. He took more pitches, drew 91 walks and it led to him having a better offensive year with 26 homers. Anything close to what he did last year will definitely help.

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