The storyline for this game isn’t very complicated. The Bills have one last chance to get to .500 on the season, while the Jets need the win to make their playoffs hopes come true.

The Jets will need to come out and establish the run against the Bills. Their offensive line has to play physically and establish themselves as the dominant group on the field. Working off the run game, the Jets should have their way in the passing game.

For Ryan Fitzpatrick’s part, he has to play a clean game and avoid the turnovers that plagued him the last time around. He’s been doing a very good job limiting the turnovers lately, and if can keep it clean, the Jets have the talent to win this one in big fashion.

Defensively the Jets have the better group on the field and they need to play like it. They’ll need to assert themselves and spend their days in the Bills backfield. Stopping the run and bringing pressure to bare on Tyrod Taylor is the goal for the day. Creating turnovers and setting their offense up to score will come from playing aggressive football. The Jets defense needs to assert itself as a dominant force and take advantage of the Bills resulting errors.

In conclusion, the Jets are the better football team playing on Sunday. The Bills will be looking to play spoiler, and Rex Ryan will have his team ready to go, but that shouldn’t change the end result of this game. If the Jets want to get to the “promised land”, they’ll have to play like it on Sunday.

Once again it’s do or die for this football team. I think they get it done.

My prediction; 38-17 Jets

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