Defensively, you’d be hard pressed to find a better run defense then the Jets in recent weeks. Muhammad Wilkerson and company will need to continue that type of play to keep the Bills running game in check. The last time these two teams met, LeSean McCoy was allowed to rumble for 112 yards against the Jets. Luckily for the Jets, it looks like McCoy will miss this game, but the Jets will still need to be prepared.

If the Jets take away Rex Ryan’s run game, the Bills are in trouble. This Jet defensive line can get after opposing quarterbacks, and without a run game, they’ll be pinning their ears back and coming after Tyrod Taylor. The Jets’ defensive line holds the advantage over the Bills offensive line and will need to assert that advantage.

The secondary is also playing at a higher level then they were back in the early stages of November.

In their last meeting Charles Clay led the way for the Bills with fifty two yards on five catches and Darrelle Revis held Sammy Watkins to just 14 yards. Tyrod Taylor had a poor showing only posting 158 yards in the air, but stayed clean. This time around the Jets secondary need to force turnovers and set their offense up to score. In the match up with the Bills receivers and the Jets secondary, the Jets hold the advantage and they’ll want to play aggressive football.

Todd Bowles has his defensive units playing the way he wants them to play. He has a creative defensive mind and will seek to confuse and pressure Tyrod Taylor. He has the better group when compared to the Bills offense, so expect him to press the issue and play aggressively. His game plan is simple, shut down the Bills run game, and come after Tyrod Taylor with his front seven. On the back end he’s likely to play a majority of man to man coverage while blitzing.

Jets fans can rest assured Todd Bowles will have a game plan in place to extract revenge on Rex Ryan and the Bills.