The New York Jets just made an out-of-work WR’s hopes of returning to the NFL possible, with the best present of all: a job in the NFL.

By Patrick Comia

Perhaps it was coincidence with this time of the season or put more of the spotlight on New York’s other team, but the New York Jets just made the case for the best “feel-good” story this holiday season.

By now, Joe Anderson’s story and picture have taken the sports and entertainment worlds by storm. Here is a man who humbled himself, looking like a typical beggar you see on your everyday commute, holding a sign up.

Not for food or money, but for a job. And not just any job, but one that involves his return to the National Football League.

Even though he posted himself in front of the Houston Texans fans and patrons at NRG Stadium, no one took notice. That was untill today.

Jets owner Woody Johnson or member of his organization must have taken a flier, because next thing you know, Anderson is right back where he has always wanted to be, a player in the NFL. Albeit with on the Jets practice squad.

But hey, a job is a job, right?

And for those wondering if the WR, who looks to be in outstanding game-shape, has ever played a down in the NFL? The answer is yes.

Since 2012, Anderson has played for the Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, and seen time north of the border in the CFL.

But it was the NFL he wanted most. His dream to run out the tunnel to thousands of screaming fans, once again. Hopefully, that dream becomes reality someday.

We will be looking for you on Sundays, Mr. Anderson.

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