New Jersey Devils

Though the New Jersey Devils have raised some eyebrows, don’t be surprised if they are shutout of the NHL All-Star festivities in the Music City.

By Patrick Comia

With the NHL All-Star game coming up next month, hockey fans have been voicing their right to put their favorite four players, whom they deem worthy, as captains of the new exhibition format, the fast-paced three-on-three.

An idea implemented into the regular season this year, it has taken to fans and kept eyes glued to the screen in what has been anything but exciting for spectators. Tiring and stressful for the players, themselves.

One thing this may affect is how the selection of players to participate in the mid-season game.

No longer is the focus mainly on which player has done the best on their respective teams, but one would think their recent regular season performance in the three-on-three overtime would also be a consideration.

How will this thinking affect the New Jersey Devils?

It may not make a difference in the minds of those selecting, in this case it would be the NHL Hockey Operations Department. Sure, the rationale could be that the NHL wants those who know hockey best to decide the worthy candidates. However, it will still be a popularity contest, placing only those names that will boost tv ratings in hopes of the game itself being relevant.

The Devils have five worthy candidates that could make travel plans next month to take part in the All-Star game. However, not all, if any, will make it make an appearance. And that would be a shame.

But, it’s only an exhibition and lends no significance.

Still, it would be an honor for these deserving Devils for their hardwork in the first half of the season.

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