Just when you thought Odell Beckham Jr. was having a ho-hum night, he comes up with this beauty for his New York Giants on ‘Monday Night Football’.

By Robby Sabo

When somebody says “slow night” and “Odell Beckham Jr.” in the same sentence, it often means something different than the norm.

For an average NFL wide receiver a slow night might mean two grabs for 17 yards. For the New York Giants super stud second-year wide receiver from LSU, it means a night like tonight. OBJ had just three grabs for 63-yards heading into halftime.

One of these came on a highlight reel post in which he abused Brent Grimes and collected 45-yards in one swift move.

Even still, it seemed like a slow night for the kid.

Not anymore.

Check out this 9-yard beauty from Beckham (video above). Initially ruled an incomplete pass, the officials came back from under the hood actually witnessing the magician get both feet down in the end-zone with clear possession.

Simply unreal.