On this play the Tennessee Titans decided not covering New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall was the right plan of action.

By Robby Sabo

It’s now beyond embarrassing for the Tennessee Titans.

As they play on in the third quarter against the New York Jets, not only do they trail by a margin of 27 points (27-0), they’re playing like a team who’s already cashed their 2015 checks.

First came the porous effort on this Bilal Powell TD:

Look at the Titans’ DB on the 2-yard line. If that’s not the worst effort you’ve seen this season, it ranks right up there.

But they didn’t stop there. Late in the second quarter, as mass confusion plagued the defensive huddle, Brandon Marshall was left all alone. Ryan Fitzpatrick recognized it and B-Marsh cashed in on a 69-yard touchdown (video above).

That’s right, the Jets best offensive weapon and a guy who’s now surpassed the 1,000 yard mark for the season, was left uncovered.

The score remains 27-0 with five minutes remaining in the third.