New York Giants

The New York Giants were handed the NFC East over the weekend with both the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys losing on Turkey Day. Instead of taking yhe division and running with it, they said “no thank you.”

By Justin Weiss

In typical New York Giants fashion, the Washington Redskins took advantage of what Big Blue did not, and that resulted in an a disappointing loss that now removes New York from the driver’s seat.

The 20-14 loss was a poorly played game that almost featured a Giants come-from-behind win. It was also quite telling. Here’s what was learned:

1. “The Catch” was no fluke

Odell Beckham Jr. has made a lot of incredible snags since he shocked the world with a one-handed grab against the Dallas Cowboys last season. Sunday’s might have been the most impressive.

2. If you think ODB is overrated, you’re myopic

Considering that Sunday’s loss to the Washington Redskins was Odell’s sixth 100-yard game and seventh game with a TD snag this season, and at this point in his career he has the most receiving yards — ever, saying that he’s overrated is just plain dumb.

3. Ereck Flowers is everything the Giants could have asked for – and more

Jerry Reese surely drafted Flowers with the expectations that he’d be a project. Well, he’s been the mainstay of an otherwise depleted offensive line, and that has equated into solid pass and run coverage.

4. Bobby Hart is going to be good

Yeah, it’s early. But with the line crumbling around him, the former Florida State Seminole maintained his ground.

5. It may be time to restructure Geoff Schwartz’s contract – again

The Jewish Giant is, well, a Giant. However, his lower foot has always been a problem, and he’s literally injured more than he’s healthy (If you didn’t hear, he’s likely out for the season).

6. DRC gets injured – a lot

Another guy that can’t stay on the field. It’s literally a routine now that he plays a full first quarter, then comes out for a few plays with a grotesque injury (in which time the secondary collapses), and then returns like nothing ever happened. Except something clearly did.

7. Eli has to stop throwing cross-field lobs

The only explanation for the quarterback’s occasional head-scratching decision making is that he is envisioning himself playing Madden, where you can lob the ball cross-field for a catch.

8. Jayron Hosley is the worst player in the NFL

And it’s not even close.

9. Craig Dahl is the second-worst player in the NFL

Oh, well maybe it is.

10. The defense just isn’t good enough

I mean, is Uani Unga really good enough to start? And is a secondary composed of Jayron Hosley and Craig Dahl really sufficient?

11. Weston Richburg and Justin Pugh mean very much to this team

This point was illustrated again and again during the first quarter of Sunday’s loss. Dallas Reynolds and John Jerry aren’t only not good offensive linemen, but the shoes of Richburg and Pugh are like really, really tough to fill.

12. The defense has no depth

Well, in retrospect, it might have had depth before Jon Beason and Johnathan Hankins and Cooper Taylor and Nat Behre all went down with season-ending injuries. But as of right now, it isn’t looking to good.

13. Brad Wing is a monster

At least when he isn’t costing the Giants games by pulling at other players facemasks.

14. Josh Brown is a machine

Like seriously, the guy doesn’t miss.

15. The blocking schemes on special teams are awful

It’s like they aren’t even trying anymore.

16. JPP was better with two full hands

I wish I never had to say that.

17. Robert Ayers is likely the team’s best pass rusher

That’s not saying much about him. It’s more of a statement directed towards the rest of the unit.

18. Steve Spagnolo could blitz the moon – and it still wouldn’t help

No, even Kirk Cousins probably wasn’t too intimidated by Kerry Wynn.

19. Tom Coughlin’s time as head coach may be coming to an end

And it’s a shame, because it’s hard to find a better man or a better motivator.

20. Jerry Reese could be right behind him

While he may have sent two teams to Super Bowls, he just doesn’t have a good track record of signing free agents. Godspeed, Jerry.

21. Costly penalties once again killed them

This is getting to sound like a broken record.

22. The offense can’t play well on the same day that the defense does – and vice versa

Why couldn’t the same offense that showed up against New Orleans show up against Washington? How about the defense that played out of their minds against the undefeated Patriots?

23. Jasper Brinkley is very good

He was the top-rated Giant three weeks ago and the top rated linebacker two weeks ago by Pro Football Focus. While the jury hasn’t yet deliberated about his status this week, it seems pretty clear that he had yet another solid game.

24. Damontre Moore isn’t

Damontre “15 Yard Penalty” Moore is all you need to know.

25. The Giants will have to win a lot of games to make the playoffs

New York has a very tough schedule ahead of them. Like seriously, the way they’re playing, Miami will likely pose a significant threat.

26. Will Tye is for real

He’s really developed into a short down threat.

27. Jerome Cunningham isn’t

Like seriously, it’s nothing personal, but he’ll have to start catching and blocking if he wants to stay in this league.

28. The running back by committee approach isn’t working

“If you have two, three, four running backs, it’s like you have none.”

29. Play-action only works with a legitimate run game

Something they might have if they stopped giving the rock to a different running back every down.

30. Tom Coughlin doesn’t like throwing players under the bus

I dare you to watch his post game press conference and not see his urge to throw guys under the bus.

31. He should

Because after a loss like that, they deserve it.

32. Andre Williams appears to be washed up

Which implies that he was, at one point, not washed up. Which he has been since he got to MetLife Stadium for the first time.

33. Shane Vereen should be targeted more

Incredible ball catcher? Check. Impressive breakaway speed? Check. Targeted enough in the red zone and on third and short? X.

34. Not every interception on Eli’s record is his fault

But that’s just the way Eli – and the Giants’ season – has gone.

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Justin Weiss is a staff editor at Elite Sports New York, where he covers the New York Islanders and Brooklyn Cyclones. In 2016, he received a Quill Award for Freelance Journalism. He has written for the Long Island Herald, FanSided and YardBarker.