New Jersey Devils

At the quarter mark of the season, the New Jersey Devils have given fans plenty to be thankful for and giving room for optimism of better things to come.

By Patrick Comia

While fans are gobbling up all the fixins’ this Thanksgiving and the NHL is taking a league-wide break of games, it’s a good time to reflect on the season so far and reminiscence about the performances so far.

We are talking specifically at the New Jersey Devils, a team assumed to be out of the picture of the running for the playoffs, an after-thought with no visions of promise hockey experts and non-New Jersey fans.

But, the team has defied all that logic, making the impossible, possible. They have raised eyebrows, gave their fans a product on the ice they can cheer for again, and making things fun!

This past offseason, plenty of change occurred in the organization.

The Old Guard was gradually leaving to move onto other opportunities (i.e. former Devils President Lou Lamoriello), and a new wave of personnel took it’s place in the front office with the hiring of former Pittsburgh Penguins General Manager Ray Shero.

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With that single move, a new sunrise could have been seen for the Devils and their fans. Though Lamoriello had accomplished so much in his two decade-long employment bringing glory in the form of three Stanley Cup Championships, something had to be done to get from under the rug that was covering the team since their last Final appearance in 2012.

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And overhaul was needed with fresh faces and new ways of doing things. Those were done, and the result so far has been favorable.

So, if you are a Devils fan, as you nibble on that turkey and drown your mashed potatoes in gravy, stop and reflect on what the team has accomplished. It might make all that food taste better and might prompt you to go back for fifths or sixths helpings!

Here are three things fans should thankful for on this day:

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