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After Monday Night Football’s New York Giants disaster, a fan decided to still jaw at Eagles fans and it didn’t end pretty.

By Patrick Comia

There should be a “buyer beware” tag when you purchase a sports jersey. Something along the lines: Wear this with pride, but don’t act foolish when you are attending the other team’s building, and by yourself.

That’s what happened to this poor soul. Sure, he may have been reeling from the embarrassing performance of the Giants getting pulverized by the Eagles over nationally televised audience, compliments of ESPN. It may have been the “beverage” consumption he partook in between quarters. Or maybe, he just wanted to show that he wasn’t gonna feel bad and be macho about the loss.


Well, whatever it was, it was foolish and dumb of him. Yes, I said it: DUMB!

Pretty much this fan was asking for it. Acting tough and continuing to talk back to Eagles fans. Well, he got his when you hear the “POP” of body contact: fist to face. And from what the video shows, he was the only Giant fans, surrounded by Eagles fans.

That’s almost Fan Etiquette 101 when your team plays in Philadelphia.

There are just some places that are too “hot” to show your fandom. Philadelphia is right at the top of that list. Too many instances of hostile situations have come to light when dealing with the Philly faithful.

I mean they had their very own on-site court house at the old Veterans Stadium, for goodness sakes. That’s one sign if you’re not from the area. Another was in 2012 when the Rangers played the Flyers in the NHL’s Winter Classic. The unfortunate incident where two Rangers fans were physically attacked by Flyers fans, while buying food.

Understand standing up for your team, but sometimes you have to be man-enough to take your medicine and walk away.

But, perhaps that’s where maturity comes in handy. Obviously, that wasn’t present on this night by anyone.

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