Anne Hathaway knows what these 2015 New York Giants are capable of. Will it be 2007 all over again?

By Bryan Pol

Prior to the New York Giants’ stunning and much needed 32-21 victory over the Washington Redskins on Thursday night, noted Jets fan and late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon gave his guest, Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway, a die-hard Giants fan, a hard time over her team’s hard luck in starting 0-2.

When asked about the state of her Giants, Hathaway could only muster a cold glare.

“We’re doing fine,” Hathaway managed through a feigned smile, although the state of these 2015 New York Football Giants fill her with a pronounced feeling of hope.

“You know what this season reminds me of? This season reminds me of the 2007 when we started 0-2 and wound up with the ring,” Hathaway remarked with an edge of confidence. “It is on you, Eli. Take it home, buddy!”

Little did Hathaway know, the Giants would defeat the Redskins in Week 3 after starting 0-2…just as they had in 2007.

The Giants will still face tough defenses from various AFC East opponents, including the Buffalo Bills, hometown rival Jets, and the promising, albeit scuffling, Miami Dolphins.  Never mind their squaring off against the New England Patriots, with quarterback Tom Brady in full on eff you mode, and two thirds of their NFC East slate remaining on the schedule.

However, with the Eli-to-Beckham coupling and the hope of Victor Cruz’s return to form and Rueben Randle’s penchant for the big play, Hathaway’s faith in Big Blue may not be all that misguided, especially given her knowledge of fantasy sports (Aaron Rodgers is her quarterback, with the Jets manning her defense), upon which she expounded with Fallon.

Will the Giants continue their roll with knowledge of Hathaway’s faith and foresight?  Beating the Bills in Buffalo next Sunday, whom the Giants also defeated in 2007, would be a great step in the direction of that trend.

I am an English teacher, music and film aficionado, husband, father of two delightful boys, writer, sports fanatic, former Long Islander, and follower of Christ. Based on my Long Island upbringing, I was groomed as a Yankees, Giants, Rangers, and Knicks fan, and picked up Duke basketball, Notre Dame football, and Tottenham Hotspur football fandom along the way.