Wednesday, December 2- Rangers Vs. Islanders

New York Rangers and New York Islanders fans have to wait until December to battle for some real bragging rights.

The Rangers and the Islanders are polar opposites, but still seem to match up well. The Rangers are full of veterans and built from the net out. The Islanders have a ton of youth and can score goals with the best of them.

It does not get any better for crosstown blood to boil, between the fans and teams, then when these two teams face off. This rivalry is at its apex when both teams are good and that is exactly where we stand right now.

This will mark the Rangers first visit to the Barclays Center, with the hopes of finding it friendlier than the Coliseum ever was. Islanders faithful just hope the Barclays doesn’t price out the true blue Islanders fans and cause the Barclays to be a home away from home to the Rangers faithful willing to shell out the big bucks to watch their team.

Administrator of New York Hockey Discussion Group, IT Professor by day, and lifelong Rangers, Mets and Jets fan by night. If he had to pick one, the Rangers would top the list. Second on the list would be the always loveable NY Mets. If he could spend all summer sitting by a pool, girly drink in hand, music playing and the Mets on TV, he would be a very happy man.