New York Rangers, Mats Zuccarello
Photo by Bergen Record

With training camp about to open what better time than now to look at the schedule and find five New York Rangers games we can’t wait to see.

By Ernie DeFalco

Every year, around this time, the children are getting ready to go back to school and every true hockey fan is looking at the regular season schedule and wondering what games they can’t wait to see.

With the New York Rangers opening training camp on September 18 and their first pre-season game on October 7 the time is now to start thinking about the 2015-2016 regular season and what is has in store.

While everyone loves the first game of the season there are so many hidden gems on the schedule. They make you want to push the calendar ahead a couple weeks to get to that game.

Some fans have a favorite opposing player they want to see, others have a family member that loves a hated rival and it is time to talk to some smack. You can come up with any reason to make a game a little more important then another.

Here are five games on the Rangers schedule that will be certainly worth tuning in for or logging onto your favorite secondary ticket market site and trying to get into the building.

Here is Elite Sports NY’s list of five New York Rangers games to circle on the calendar.

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