New York Jets

The New York Jets are proving the days of Rex Ryan letting his players run wild in the media are a thing of the past with punishment laps.

By Steven Cifuentes

Brandon Marshall caused quite a stir with his silence during the Geno Smith fiasco.  It turns out it got even worse when he decided to be the only New York Jets player to vocally stick up for him a week later.

It appears Marshall is trying to put an end to the days of former head coach Rex Ryan allowing Jets players no restraints when it came to dealing with the New York media.

Marshall was on the Rich Eisen Show this morning when he let it out that the Jets have instituted punishment laps for saying anything in the media that distracts the team.

When asked about Smith, Marshall let the new team rule slip out:

“If I continue to talk about it, my teammates are going to make me run laps. We made a covenant in the locker room that if we continue to talk about anything that could potentially distract the team, guys have to run laps,”

While the Wild West of the Ryan era was great for the media and made for great back page headlines, it is good to see the Jets are making an effort to end the nonsense.

Playing football at the NFL level is hard enough, especially in a media hub like New York.

Marshall had a bad reputation prior to coming to the Jets. During his short time with the Jets it appears he is ready to take on a leadership role.  Hopefully days of him being a problem are in the past and he can take the Jets under his wing and show them the right way to handle distractions.

Will running laps be enough to end all the off the field distractions, only time will tell, but it is a start in the right direction.

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