Buck Williams, Power Forward

Of all the things he accomplished, there’s one side-note that sticks out with Buck Williams. He was one of the first players in his era to wear protective goggles.

The big guy averaged 11,7 rebounds and 16.7 points per game in 1983 which landed him on the All-Star team. He accumulated 16,784 total points and 13,017 total rebounds which averages out to 12.6 career PPG (points per game) and 10.0 RPG (rebounds per game), which means he averaged a career double double.

He is a three-time NBA All-Star, NBA Rookie of the Year, and a two-time NBA All Defensive first-team player. His No. 52 was retired by the Nets in 2005. Averaging a career double double, how could this guy not be on your all-time Nets team?

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