Julius Erving, Small Forward

Julius Erving didn’t play his entire Hall of Fame career with the Nets, but he did start it off in Long Island with the franchise. He revolutionized the “slam dunk” in basketball, and wasn’t nearly as big of a deal before he started the “double clutch” dunk.

Although he played just three years with the Nets, he established them as a force to recon with in the ABA. Bringing the Nets to two straight ABA finals and winning one against the Utah Stars. He has won an NBA championship, an ABA championship, multiple dunk contests, an NBA MVP, 11 time NBA All-Star, as well as a five time NBA first-teamer.

He has one of the best resumes in basketball history, not just Nets history. That’s why there is no question he’s the best small forward in Nets history. Not to mention making the case as the best No. 3 man in NBA history.

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