Drazen Petrovic, Shooting Guard

Sadly, Drazen died at the tender age of 28 in a fatal car accident during the same exact time he was just starting to make a name for himself as a three point shooter in the NBA with the New Jersey Nets.

The man averaged a whopping 51.7 field goal percentage and a 43.7 three point percentage in his three years with the organization. He averaged 16.7 points in 1992 and had he stayed alive and played his entire career, he could’ve ended up top-five three point shooters of all time.

While a stretch, all Nets fans would’ve loved to see him and Jason Kidd play together. That would’ve been special. Drazen also has quite the resume outside of the NBA as well, having two silver medals and one bronze for his efforts in Olympic basketball.

In 2002 he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame and was voted the best European player in history by his peers. His No. 3 jersey was retired by the Nets in 2003. The only other player at this position that someone could make a debate for is Vince Carter. Still though, Drazen Petrovic was the best shooting guard in Nets history.

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