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The Geno Smith sucker punch incident doesn’t reflect badly on the New York Jets, as much as it does on Smith and his leadership.

By Steven Cifuentes

Rumblings started the minute the news wires blew up that Geno Smith was sucker punched by IK Enemkpali.

Everyone was ready with the “Same Old Jets” stories, and all the “I guess Rex Ryan wasn’t the problem” rants. Sadly, this incident reflects more on the quarterback then it does on the New York Jets.

Quarterbacks in the NFL are supposed to be the most respected1jets2 men in the locker room. The minute a Tom Brady makes an appearance, the team pecking order is set. A team leader, like him, walks in a room and immediately every player knows it is his room and they are there to follow.

If a quarterback has control of a locker room he will never be put in a situation Smith was put in yesterday. Brady could owe another player $6,000 and this situation would never happen.

Geno proved one thing yesterday. The way he has acted the last couple of seasons has led to a lack of respect from his teammates.

He has had his work ethic questioned, he has shown up late to meetings after going to the movies, and I am sure there are more incidents like these, that only the players in the locker room have seen.

Brandon Marshall has said many glowing things about Smith all training camp, but one thing stuck out that shows where Geno stands. He indicated that Smith is one of the guys, he isn’t off with his playbook, he has that Miami attitude and has his Beats on hyped and ready to play.

While there is nothing wrong with having your Beats on and being ready to play, the feeling that he is just one of the guys speaks volumes. As much as your quarterback needs to relate to everyone in the locker room, the last thing you need him to be is just one of the guys.

Just one of the guys is something that should be said about guys that need to follow and not lead. A quarterback needs to have the ability to separate himself from being with the group and step up and be the guy other players turn too when the chips are down.

Geno showed where he stands to the fans yesterday and that is he is not ready to lead a franchise. Franchise leaders separate themselves from the pack and become the player everyone looks up to.

While I am not sure the Jets are better off after yesterday’s incident, the locker room is better off and Ryan Fitzpatrick can try to be that guy everyone looks up to when he walks in the room.

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