New York Mets

Here are five reason the New York Mets will win the World Series after one of the craziest weeks any sports organization could endure.

By Ernie DeFalco

The 2015 Major league Baseball trade deadline has passed and the New York Mets have made more than a splash.

Sandy Alderson and company decided to make a wave that’s going to take them straight to the World Series, where they’ll win their first title since 1986.

Here are five reasons why:1mets2

No. 1: The Four Aces

Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz – are currently the four who are pitching to a combined earned run average of 2.49. While Matz is on the shelf, Jonathan Niese (3.63 ERA) is more capable of holding down the role of fourth starter. When playoff time comes, good luck to the opposing team.

No. 2: The Lineup Is Almost Fixed

When the Mets added Yoenis Cespedes (.290 avereage, 18 home runs) not only did they add a top level major league talent, they also solved major lineup problems.

His presence alone takes lots of pressure off of Lucas Duda (21 home runs). It also allows Dan Murphy to hit in the number two spot in the order, which has always been his preference proven by his .932 OPS while in the two-hold this season.

While some small issues remain, those issues, once solved, stand to make the lineup even better. Who will finish the season in left field and will David Wright return? If Michael Conforto (.211) and Michael Cuddyer (.250) can settle into a nice platoon and David Wright makes it back from obscurity and can be effective the lineup all of sudden has a lot of serious bats.

No. 3: They Now Have Swagger

Juan Uribe, acquired from the Braves, brought the same type of swagger players like Ricky Henderson, Lenny Harris and the late Daryl Hamilton (who brought it during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. A swagger that was certainly missing for many years.

That swagger is now rubbing off on the players. There is a feeling of “we can’t lose” and it shows on every players face. Even the post-game interviews are no longer glum anymore. The air of confidence and high expectation has arrived. Players want to be Mets, whether it is Wilmer Flores showing emotion about leaving the only team he has ever known, or Zack Wheeler calling general manager Sandy Alderson on deadline day and asking him to not be traded.

No. 4: Mets Fans Are Back

Sounds like Citi Field is getting pretty loud.

It also looks like Citi Field is looking pretty full. During ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball broadcast on August 2, random camera shots were taken around the field.

There were people in seats in places that have been empty for years. Fans were chanting, roaring, and just plain making it difficult for the road team. Shea Stadium used to get very loud, reminding us that Citi Field is ready to erupt.

No. 5: Did I Mention The Four Aces?

It is all right there for the Mets. Everything is lining up properly. The starting pitchers have found their form, the pen is set. The lineup has become formidable, the swag is back, the pride in being a Met, and the fans are bringing the noise.

After running away with the division over the final two months, the Mets will be too much for whicever team is forced to play them, and the Canyon of Heroes will once again be littered with whatever it is that is used instead of ticker tape.

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