New York Jets

As more details come out about Sheldon Richardson’s troubles, it is time for the New York Jets to prove they are not the same old Jets.

By Steven Cifuentes

Last night, Sheldon Richardson proved that Jason Pierre-Paul is not the only stupid defensive lineman that wears a New York football team’s jersey.

The New York Jets need to prove the days of Rex Ryan protecting all of his players are long gone, and it should start now.

Richardson’s reckless act needs to be handled right1jets2 away and with the intention to prove the Jets wont allow these types of players to wear the green and white.

To recap, Richardson was suspended for four games for testing positive for marijuana. How did he go out and celebrate, by smoking up while driving 143 miles per hour with a 12-year old child in the car.

Police reports are indicating that Richardson’s car smelled of freshly burnt pot and he was pulled over due to competing in illegal street racing.

Instead of Sheldon letting the Jets know what occurred, they found out like the rest of us when the Police released a report indicating he was charged with a number of misdemeanors, including resisting arrest and various traffic violations.

It is time for the Jets to take a stand. This team has enough lineman to survive the loss of Sheldon Richardson. Sadly football talent will override the Jets thought process and he will be back at MetLife field as soon as the NFL sees fit.

If I am Todd Bowles I set a tone right now that this off the field behavior will not be tolerated and cut ties with a player that obviously only cares about himself, on and off the field.

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