New York Jets

It seems the first shots were fired across the New England Patriots bow, as Jets fans took to the skies and let them know how they feel about the latest debacle.

By Patrick Comia

As the New England Patriots took the field for training camp, they were welcomed with applause and support from their fans.

Despite the fallout from Tom Brady and Deflate-Gate, fans remained unwavering and stayed unified. They filled up the stands at the Patriots practice facility and showed they were prepared to stand side-by-side, as their team goes through this latest scandal.

However, outside of Patriots Nation, not much sympathy could be shared. In fact, one fanbase let it be known how they felt about what has happened.

That fanbase was the New York Jets. Of course, the team would not officially condone any actions against another team. It’s just bad for business.

But, that didn’t stop @JetsFanMedia in voicing their First Amendment right.

Oh, this is going to be a fun season! Can we just fast forward to the Jets and Patriots game?

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