When the Eli Manning retires from football, he is going to have a place in comedy for a second career.

By Patrick Comia

Over their NFL careers, the Manning brothers have been leaders to their teams and have given fans great moments. Both have been Super Bowl Champions and MVP’s.

They’re play on the field has put them above the pack and into elite company with Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, and Ben Rothlisberger.

But, there is another side to which Peyton and Eli Manning are getting good at. And, that’s comedy. Who knew these Sunday gladiators had a funny bone and able to poke fun at themselves.


In the latest humor crusade, Eli takes his shot at DirecTV and starred in their latest commercial, for their Sunday NFL Ticket package.

For years, Giants fans have been wanting for the former Ole Miss quarterback to break out of his shell, at least I have. Especially in his first few years in the league, it was hard to watch and keep patience with him under center.

Plenty of times, I had to walk away and talk out loud “Serenity Now!” like the Constanzas on Seinfeld.

Then, 2008 happened. The improbable to non-Giants fans, the possible to fans of the Blue! The G-men defeated the best team in football at that time, the New England Patriots, ending a undefeated streak that season.

And who stepped up? Eli! He’s escapism from a surrounding defense, his clutch play-calling, and fiery enthusiasm made everyone believe, he was the one.

Then, he went and followed that up with another defeat of the Patriots in 2012 for his second Super Bowl championship and MVP honor.

Yes, it seems that Eli is looking comfortable in his own skin and chipping away at the childish, frustrating look when things don’t go his way.

It’s taken a long time for him to put on his big boy pants, but better late than never!

I'm a blogger trying to make it in this world. Have been, and always will be, a fan of the NYR and NYG. Writing for the New Jersey Devils cause, well, someone has to do it!