With the NFL starting to gear up for another season, New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles makes it clear there’s nothing to discuss.

By Robby Sabo

1authorrob3 - New York Jets: Todd Bowles Is Not Rex Ryan And It's FantasticFor the players, it seems like the same old story.

Newly-acquired cornerback Antonio Cromartie has already gotten the war of words around the NFL started. In attempt to back his buddy, Darrelle Revis, he proclaimed that Richard Sherman “was a product of the scheme.”

Then, Kellen Winslow Jr. decided to get in on the Cromartie-fun by starting a Twitter war with the fast and loose, lanky cover guy.

Enter Todd Bowles.1jets2 - New York Jets: Todd Bowles Is Not Rex Ryan And It's Fantastic

In year’s past, the leadership core of the New York Jets would have allowed this stuff to carry on. The players’ coach sentiment would have spread through the locker room like wild-fire, and players would feel the freedom to say or do whatever they’d like.

Fortunately for Jets fans, Bowles doesn’t operate that way.

Via Rich Cimini, ESPN New York:

“Me and Cro talked about it,” he said. “I don’t know what happened today with the Kellen Winslow thing. I’m not on Twitter and Facebook or any of those things. We talked about it. We’re just trying to focus on the team. We didn’t win last year and there’s nothing to talk about other than getting better. All the other stuff, we don’t worry about.”

The one sentence that carries all the weight in the world here is obvious: “we didn’t win last year and there’s nothing to talk about other than getting better.”

Such a breathe of fresh air for Jets fans seems almost too good to be true.

What Bowles is doing is clear and to the point. He is reigning in the circus, and little by little looking to create a team environment with team philosophies firmly in place.

Granted, it’s a great principle to trust your players, but responsibility to the team needs to come first and foremost. Then, and only then, can you trust your players.

Everybody is slowly learning that Todd Bowles is not Rex Ryan, and feels so phenomenal right now.

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