New York Islanders

Despite the crummy end to the 2014-15 NHL season for the New York Islanders, fans still have a plethora of reasons to feel confident.

By Michael Iuzzini

As the Stanley Cup Finals move forward, it seems like it was six-months ago the New York Islanders left the tournament in the first round.

The early exit was heavy on the emotions of the fans, players and the organization.

The reason? Well, it was finally official, the Isles are moving out.

Islanders fans are about to embark on a new journey with a rejuvenated organization and team.  Even as much backlash the move to Brooklyn has had, fans must admit it is a very exciting time to be a part of this fan-base.

The team is now solid and full of playoff experince.  With just some minor tinkering – hopefully from some of the kids within the organization – the Isles will take the giant leap from a small market franchise to the big New York City market.

Yes, it is going to be tough to wait for the puck to finally drop in October.  To survive the summer without hockey, here’s a list for your reading pleasure.

Here are five reasons fans of the New York Islanders have reason for optimism come 2015-16:

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