Despite the strong possibility of the New York Jets selecting an edge rusher in the NFL Draft, fans are still hopeful for something else.

By Robby Sabo

1authorrob3 - New York Jets Fans Already Hoping For Marcus Mariota (Photo) It’s an interesting situation for fans when their favorite player leaves their favorite team.

I mean think about it. Most of the time, the fan will pickup the jersey of his/her favorite player. The damn authentic version costs Tump-like money.

Then, in most cases, that jersey will be rendered useless once that particular player finds himself gone. Whether it’s via trade, free agency, or some other action, nothing lasts forever.

That once proud jersey of your favorite guy has now lost all its value.

Apparently, this New York Jets fan could care less about Jerseys losing value:

First of all, does this kid even know what NFL Network is? Has he seen the 115,602 mock drafts available to the human race?

I mean come on now. Most experts and Jets fans believe Mike Maccagnan is going to go defense with that No. 6 pick on Thursday in this NFL Draft.

Even still, to actually customize a Marcus Mariota Jets jersey is sheer lunacy.

Unfortunately, this kid is just another example of a Jets fan furthering the sentiment that is “Same Old Jets (Fans).”

H/T Bleacher Report

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