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If there’s one universal feeling all Yankees fans share, it’s that they’re thankful for not being Mets fans. But after a lackluster trade deadline, there are more than a few wishing the Bombers’ management team acted more like the Mets has recently.

And no, I’m not kidding.

The Mets did just sell off a bunch of players, including their two high-priced veteran aces who are destined for the Hall of Fame. But as I said in the immediate aftermath of the deadline passing, you have to credit the Mets for not doing anything halfway.

When they decided to go for it over the winter, they really went for it. Could they have done more with the bullpen? You bet. However, spending $350-plus million on player salaries signals ownership will do what they think it takes to put a winner on the field. Not long after doing this, it appeared clear that the Mets wouldn’t be able to perform how they were expecting to.

Instead of continuing to fit a square peg in a round hole, they tore it down (but not recklessly). And while a lot has been made of Max Scherzer’s recounting of his conversation with Mets brass, they’re not BSing anyone.

The opposite of that is happening in the Bronx. The Yankees didn’t add to a not-very-good offense and instead added two relievers. Then, general manager Brian Cashman said New York is “in it to win it”.

As you can imagine, Yankees fans are seeing right through this. There’s an unofficial Fire Brian Cashman Petition happening on the Yankees’ Subreddit page. How disgusted are fans with what the Bombers are doing (and not doing)? They’re not only complimenting the Mets, but they’re also wishing the Yankees’ management was more like what’s currently installed at Citi Field.

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The entire thread is worth your time — especially if you’re a Yankees fan in need of a good vent session. But here are some of my favorite responses:

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by u/EDDiE_SP4GHETTi from discussion Fire Brian Cashman Unofficial Petition
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by u/NintuneJoe from discussion Fire Brian Cashman Unofficial Petition
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I never thought I’d see a time when Yankees fans are openly complimenting the Mets. I also didn’t think both the Mets and Yankees would be where they are in the standings at the beginning of August. However, the rule for New York baseball in 2023 is that whatever you think is going to happen, it’ll be the opposite.

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