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You know what they say…imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor deals with his fair share of criticism (both warranted and unwarranted). But, it looks like many people love watching him play. Even Phillies fans.

Well, I guess just one Phillies fan in particular. In the top of the ninth of New York’s July 4th game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Lindor roped an RBI double down the right-field line. Once he got to second base, Lindor directed his typical celebration to the Mets’ dugout:

Right after that happened, SNY’s cameras cut to a couple of fans imitating Lindor’s celebration. Lo and behold, one of them appears to be a Phillies fan:

As if it wasn’t already rare enough that someone wearing a Phillies jersey was watching a Mets-DBacks game live in Arizona, right? But there could be a few reasons as to why this is happening.

Maybe this dude has Francisco Lindor on his fantasy baseball team. That’s a reason to celebrate despite not being a Mets fan (don’t ask Phillies fans about that, though). We don’t know which jersey this guy is wearing, so it’s possible he’s a fan of the player and not necessarily the team.

However, I feel like the most likely scenario is that he lost a bet. I mean, just look at his face while he was doing the move — the dude looks miserable. Meanwhile, his buddy looks giddy while doing the celebration, which makes me think that’s what really happened.

If he’s indeed a Phillies fan, he’ll probably be mortified at the fact that this was caught on the SNY cameras. Then again, the Mets are used to people copying the things they do.

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