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We all know it’s been hard to watch the Mets play baseball these past couple of months. Do you know what’s more difficult during times like this, though? Having to be the ones in charge of the team’s social media accounts. Those in control of @Mets do a good job of creating content through all the losses. So good, in fact, that the Braves’ social media team stole an idea. (We’re kidding. Kinda.)

Ahead of New York’s second game in Houston against the Astros, the social media team published a putt-putt challenge. Obviously, Jeff McNeil (the team’s resident scratch golfer) was more than up for the task. There were other great moments, though, like Eduardo Escobar talking to himself and Tommy Pham proclaiming that he’s “Tiger Hood”. Check it out here:

Just over 24 hours after this video was let loose into the internet world, the Braves’ social media team shared this:

Was it really a coincidence? I mean, probably. Social media teams have stuff like this planned out days (and maybe weeks) in advance. But that won’t stop these two rival fan bases from reading way too much into it. Mets fans already think they live rent-free in the heads of Braves fans, so this is just added fuel to the fire.

Some people would remember the Mets did this first, even if the Braves didn’t share their video for another month or two. But still, it probably wouldn’t have been a terrible idea to hold onto this one for a little bit.

Even if this does start another friendly war of words between Mets and Braves fans, those associated with Atlanta have plenty of ammo to shut things down. You know, the general domination of New York over the years as well as overcoming a 10.5-game deficit to win the NL East last year. So far in 2023, the Braves have won five of six head-to-head meetings with the Amazins, as well.

But seriously, stop copying the social team. It’s the only thing Mets fans have left at this point.

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