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Diehard baseball fans are a truly different breed. That’s especially the case when that particular fan roots for the Mets. I mean, how else do you justify constantly watching a team that rips your heart out in the most excruciating way imaginable? Reds infielder Jonathan India gave us a glimpse of what it’s like to know a diehard Mets fan: his dad.

India has been in the big leagues with Cincinnati since 2021 when he was NL Rookie of the Year. Through 80 games this season (353 plate appearances), he’s slashing .259/.346/.413 with 10 home runs, 40 RBI, 58 runs scored, and 12 steals.

And, as we sit here before Wednesday’s games, the Reds are a half-game ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers for first place in the NL Central with a 42-38 record.

You’d have to imagine that India’s family is extremely proud of everything he’s accomplished thus far in his big-league career. They must watch him and the Reds play every night, right? His dad does…but only after the Mets are done.

India joined the dudes at Foul Territory TV on Tuesday and said his dad will watch the Mets game and record the Reds game so he can watch it afterward. From what the infielder said below, it sounds like Dad mostly fast forwards to his specific at-bats:

I mean, who wants to miss Gary, Keith, and Ron in the booth, right?

But let’s get serious for a second. Outside of a few games, the Mets have been a tough watch over the past few weeks. If India’s dad stuck with his plan of watching New York first before tuning into the Reds game, then he is not just a diehard. He’s on a whole other level. Especially if he didn’t opt for the Reds over the Mets during Cincy’s recent 11-game win streak.

New York has already made its annual trip to Great American Ball Park this year. First baseman Pete Alonso will never forget it, either. The Reds are coming to Citi Field for a three-game set from September 15-17. If we had to venture a guess, Jonathan India’s dad will still be rooting for the Mets while also getting to watch his son play live and not on a recording.

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