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via SNYtv on Twitter

Mets fans have never had to worry about SNY access in the cord-cutting era. It has only been Yankees fans feeling the pain of carriage disputes. But that ends now.

From YouTube TV:

We are writing to let [subscribers] know that starting June 30, 2023, at 11:59 pm ET, the SNY channel will no longer be available on YouTube TV, and you will no longer be able to watch live content or access content in your Library that you may have recorded from SNY. Members will be able to continue watching select national Mets games on FOX, ESPN, and TBS, all available through our Base Plan.

And from SNY:

The good news: Both sides are clearly trying to gain leverage with the public, which is something you only do when you think there is still a deal to be had. And SNY’s missive does strike a slightly optimistic tone with the word “preparing” doing a great deal of heavy lifting.

The bad news: There is a good chance SNY will actually get dropped, leaving a slew of Mets fans unable to watch the majority of their games. Which, hey, may not be a bad thing right now! But eventually they will have to switch streamers, go back to cable or pay up for the inevitable SNY direct-to-consumer service. And it will end up costing more money in the end.

This is why God gave us the radio.

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