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The Foul Territory TV show on YouTube is becoming appointment viewing whenever there’s a Mets player getting interviewed. Pete Alonso first made headlines with his mistimed pregame coffee last week, and now Jeff McNeil is poking fun at Tommy Pham.

McNeil talked about a bunch of things, both serious and not-so-serious. The not-so-serious stuff included a follow-up on the Alonso poop story from Cincinnati. He also talked about how he thinks his teammate can hit 60 home runs this season.

Right after he was done heaping praise on Alonso and his belief in him reaching that power plateau, Todd Frazier changed the subject back to not-so-serious stuff. It’s probably a little serious depending on who you ask — like Tommy Pham.

There’s a pool competition going on in the clubhouse. It was started by Alonso, who used part of his Home Run Derby winnings to buy a table for his homies. If you ask Pham, though, it’s not much of a competition:

McNeil used his next breath to say there’s no way Pham is the best. When asked who is, McNeil (who admitted to just buying his own pool cue) said they’re all similar and “suck equally”.

That sounds like how I’d describe my golf game with friends.

The guys stuck with the subject of Pham for a couple of minutes because of his recent history of being competitive off the baseball field. In case you’ve forgotten, he made waves last year by slapping Joc Pederson during warmups on the field because of a fantasy football league disagreement.

McNeil remained adamant that Pham is a good guy and has been a plus for the clubhouse. (I mean, even if he wasn’t, what the hell would he say in that situation?) He went on to joke that maybe they’ll invite Pham into the squad’s fantasy football league next season:

I’m sure this joke has been used quite a few times in the clubhouse. But at the same time, I’d imagine the guys tread lightly around Pham. Even if he’s a good dude, there’s proof you don’t want to get on his bad side.

If you want to check out McNeil’s full interview, you can check it out here.

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