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It was a beautiful weekend to catch some baseball in the Bronx at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees hosted the San Diego Padres, and it was an entertaining three-game set. After dropping the series opener, the Bombers came back to win the last two and take the series before jetting to Seattle to face the Mariners.

Anyone who has gone to a baseball game in recent years knows it’s difficult to walk into a stadium with anything in their possession. Even if you’re bringing things that are allowed, they must be stored in a bag that’s acceptable.

Someone on the Yankee Stadium security force must’ve been asleep at the wheel over the weekend. Or, they were just so surprised to see someone actually bring a lizard that they just let them in. There’s no way you can sneak a lizard past the ballpark gate, right?

Seriously, check this out:

Like, how does this happen? I’ve never sat in the 400s section at Yankee Stadium, but there were a few entertaining comments from Twitter users about this video and that specific tier of the ballpark.

I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall while the decision was made to bring this rally lizard to the Bronx. Like, how was this justified? Who thought it was a good idea? How was the lizard transported? It couldn’t have been simply resting on their owner’s stomach/chest/shoulder while on the subway, right?

I have just so many questions here that will probably just never be answered. It’s something I’ll have to come to terms with on my own. Either way, I didn’t have “Seeing a pet lizard at the ballpark” on my 2023 MLB regular season Bingo card.

Random animals showing up at Yankee Stadium was a theme of this past week’s homestand. Let’s not forget that a squirrel also made an appearance:

Once again… how does that thing even get in the Stadium? That’s anyone’s guess.

The fine people who work at Yankee Stadium will have to draw the line here, though. They can’t join the Coliseum and Dodger Stadium as the third MLB ballpark with a possum on the property this season. But if it were to happen, it’ll probably be when the Mets visit for the last installment of the Subway Series, from July 25-26.

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