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Apparently, all the Mets legends are returning to the field in video game form. First, it was David Wright coming back on MLB The Show ’23. Now, it’s Keith Hernandez in the latest version of EA Sports’ Super Mega Baseball.

Here’s the trailer for those who want to see it:

Hall of Famer David Ortiz is the cover athlete with Hammer Longballo (lol). Within the trailer, Papi was joined by Hernandez and Babe Ruth as other MLB stars in the game. Some others include Randy Johnson, Jose Bautista, and Vladimir Guerrero Sr. One would have to imagine there are more, too.

Hopefully someone at SNY — whether it be Steve Gelbs or Gary Cohen — can ask Keith Hernandez about a couple of things during a future Mets broadcast. First of all, the mustache and hairdo are just glorious. But if I had to venture a guess, Mex probably has an opinion about his B+ overall grade and “neutral” mojo.

That’s just a hunch, though. Either way, this game looks pretty tight. I mean, what’s better than supersizing everything, including ballparks and home runs? Yea, exactly. For those now interested in getting this game for yourself, it becomes available on June 2nd. So, we just have to wait for about another month. It’ll be available on Switch, PS 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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